McCarthy, Kennecott, & the Kennicott Valley

The Heart of America's Largest National Park!

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Alaska Road Map

Road Map of Alaska


How to get to McCarthy / Kennecott...

To reach McCarthy and Kennecott, follow the Richardson Highway 4 south of Glennallen to the Edgerton Highway 10. From the turn-off follow the signs to Chitina.

From Chitina, follow the unpaved McCarthy Road across the Copper River to its end at the Kennicott River.

Shuttles to McCarthy and Kennecott as well as area information are available there.











Mileage / Approximate Driving Time** Chart

Anchorage Valdez Fairbanks Glennallen Chitina Whitehorse McCarthy
Anchorage   296mi/6hr20min 361mi/6hr41min 180/3hr19min 243mi/5hr31min 811mi/15hr42min 305mi/8hr
Valdez 296mi/6hr20min   364mi/8hr40min 116mi/3hr 116mi/3hr30min 638mi/12hr46min 178mi/6hr1min
Fairbanks 361mi/6hr41min 364mi/8hr39min   253mi/5hr46min 311mi/7hr52min 594mi/11hr14min 373mi/10hr22min
Glennallen 180/3hr19min 116mi/3hr 253mi/5hr46min   63mi/2hr11min 526mi/9hr52min 125mi/4hr42min
Chitina 243mi/5hr31min 116mi/3hr30min 311mi/7hr52min 63mi/2hr11min   584mi/11hr57min 62mi/2hr30min
Whitehorse 811mi/15hr42min 638mi/12hr46min 594mi/11hr14min 526mi/9hr52min 584mi/11hr57min   646mi/14hr27min
McCarthy 305mi/8hr 178mi/6hr1min 373mi/10hr22min 125mi/4hr42min 62mi/2hr30min 646mi/14hr27min  

**Driving times will vary with the condition of the McCarthy Road. Allow yourself plenty of time when planning your trip.


View from the McCarthy Road


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